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Become smarter, faster, and for less money.


Welcome to the White Hat Bookstore offering you low prices on Summary ebooks and audiobooks for best sellers. The White Hat bookstore shows its uniqueness by focusing on best sellers, past and present, at industry-low prices.

A summary offers the main points of its parent book in a fraction of the time and cost but is not meant to replace it. Summaries serve as the only way to keep up with hot topics and books in the publishing industry at minimal cost. Some are expanded with additional material that should be of interest.


Download your books and enjoy them offline

Downloading the books allows for enjoyment away from a connection to the internet, giving you the freedom to listen anywhere and at any time on multiple devices.


Two forms of narration and many ways to search


Many audiobooks boast two forms of narration. Number Scott Campbell, or number 2, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence from Amazon Polly. 


Bundles of up to four summaries provide extra savings.


Click on the White Hat to see all single books. Click on the White Hat with the letter “B” on it to see all bundles.


Other categories appear below the main menu.  Take advantage of the filtering function once you call up a collection.


You can also select one of the best-selling authors.

Lowest prices

These summaries sell around the world in multiple stores but find the lowest price here.


Irresistible prices come directly from the White Hat bookstore, but feel free to check out other stores for more information. The White Hat Book Store will have the lowest price because you buy directly from the publisher.. The other half-dozen most popular vendors each have their own button, and the prices will vary.


Written and audio descriptions and videos will help you decide which book is for you. Audiobooks narrated by pleasant and clear artificial intelligence support low prices in multiple languages.

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